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stamped - Fat is Beauty - A Rating Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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stamped [Apr. 22nd, 2005|04:30 pm]
Fat is Beauty - A Rating Community



if this is not ok, let me know.
I seriously need some cash(me and my mom, other wise we'll have to sell off most of our stuff and move to some tiny crappy house in hamilton)
I have cds, books, movies, everything!
I live in Canada, so postage of the cash might be a bit expensive(about a dollar or so, depending on how close to Canada you live.).
*my prices are in American. I can exchange the money for Canadian up here.*

CD's: Regulars:$4 Burns:$3
*I can burn you just about anything. Just ask me and I'll see if I have it.*
Movies(vcr): $4
*I can possibly burn dvds. The price would be $9 because I need to by the disc, and their pretty expensive.*
Bras(not destroyed, clean, nothing wrong with 'em except their to small): Padded:$6 Not Padded:$5

Sweet Valley High-Jessica The Genius -Francine Pascal
Seniors-Sweetheart, Evil Heart -R.L. Stine
Singularity -William Sleator
Bridge to Terabithia -Katherine Paterson
The Justice Way -Sharon Sala
CSI:Miami-Heat Wave -Max Allan Collins

Lying In Wait(Rutger Hauer, Virginia Madsen, Thomas Newton)
That Darn Cat(Christina Ricci, Doug E. Doug)

Montell Jordan-This is how we do it
Oasis-(what's the story) Morning Glory?
Sisqo-Unleash the dragon
Sound track to the first rush hour
Sound track to The Fast and The Furious

Burnable CD's
**some of these are library cds, so I only have a limited amont of time to burn them. So if you want any, let me know now!!**
Alanis Morisette-Under rug swept
alanis morisette-so-called chaos
garbage-beautiful garbage
aerosmith-just push play
american idol season 2- all-time classic american love songs
creed-greatest hit(includes dvd)
alanis morissette- supposed former infatuation junkie
train-my private nation
now 9
sonic youth-murray street
the offspring-splinter
the cardigans- long gone before daylight
incubus-a crow left of the murder
nelly furtado-folklore
big shiny tunes 4
nelly furtado-whoa, nelly!
nirvana(self titled(greatest hits))
lionel richie-just for you

can't hardly wait(soundtrack)
matrix reloaded(2-disc)
christina aguilera-stripped
mamma mia soundtrack
savage garden crash and burn-single
jakalope-it dreams
britney spears greatest hits:my perogative
black eyed peas-elephunk
Evita soundtrack
bif naked-self titled
jlo-this is me...then
kittie-until the end
pure dance 3
barenaked ladies-disc one:their greatest hits
coyote ugly soundtrack
ricky martin-sound loaded
big shiny tunes 2
avril lavigne-let go
avril lavigne-under my skin
not another teen movie soundtrack
mc mario-party mix
michael jackson number one hits
jessica simpson-sweet kisses
women and songs 3
warped tour 2004(two discs)
the moffats-chapter one:a new begining
moulin rouge sound track
britney spears-oops i did it again
hole-live through this
britney spears-...baby one more time
Good Charlotte selftitled
good charlotte-the young and the hopeless
good charlotte-the chronicles of life and death
rancid-fall back down(single)
2000 grammy nominees
big shiny tunes 9
women and songs 4
sabrina the teenage witch the album
kelly clarkson-breakaway
jewel-this way
missy elliot-this is not a test
janis joplin-essential(2 disc)
bif naked-essentialy naked
big shiny tunes
women and songs 8
sum 41-does this look infected
billy talent
love songs from the movies
dirty dancing soundtrack
grammy nominees 2003
liveonrelease-seeing red
no doubt greatest hits
grease soundtrack
no doubt-tragic kingdom
treble charger-detox
planet pop 2000
michael buble
harry conick jr
the other 2 ricky martin cds

thats all for now. any questions, just ask.
**when ordering, i must receive the money before i send you the item. i am not scamming you, but its just to make sure i get the money.**