I know i haven't been very active since joining the community..but i've had finals and upon that i've been packing to move home.
i'm leaving tomorrow to move back home and once i'm there i don't know when the internet will be set up cause i have to fix my computer for wireless...but i promise as soon as all this insanity is ceased i'll be more active.

User info

Hey ya'll
i finished up with the community info. i hope ya'll like it.
i made all the word graphics and then the colorbar that you see on the page as well. if you want it feel free to take it BUT please upload to your own server.
i still need pictures of Mods and Members to put on the main page. Feel free to not have the resized i can do that no problem. I just need them so that we can put them with the pictures.
if there is anything else you need let me know. i'll be more than happy to do what needs to be done.


so here i was thinking that no one was writting in the community anymore and stuff..
and then i go back and there have been entries..i feel stupid.
but for some odd reason they weren't showing up on my friends list. eeh
if it's ok with the mods i would like to put the accepted members pictures on the userinfo. i would totally do this and wouldn't mind doing it and i wanna make some banners for it also. just to kinda spruce up the userinfo page to make it more colorful. I LOVE COLOR.
anyway if that's ok with the mods then leave a pic here as a note and i'll make it 100X100.
anyway i have to go to work.